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A proposal is usually the first step before you are given the go-ahead to write an academic paper such as a thesis. The proposal’s primary purpose is to convince your teacher or a panel that the subject you choose for your document is feasible. Also, your proposal should prove to the reader that your perspective on the issue is sound.

About developing this type of document, the thesis proposal should clearly outline the theme of your paper, have a proper introduction into issues that it intends to address, as well as providing various reasons why the subject needs further research. You are expected to identify a problem and propose a solution to said problem. Below is a thesis proposal example outline:

  • Thesis title

The topic should provide some insight into the theme of the thesis as well as be attractive and exciting to the reader.

  • Some background information

You are expected to identify your area of study and write a literature review. Provide an introduction based on the background information on the topic you selected.

  • The rationale

Explain to the reader why conducting this research is worthwhile. Also, you should use this opportunity to justify the methods you intend to use to answer the research questions.

  • Research questions

These are questions that are used to facilitate the solving of the research problem. These questions should be formulated to offer a description of all the issues that are to be addressed in the thesis.

  • The methodology

This section shows all the resources you intend to use, the approach you intend to take, i.e., the theoretical framework, methods you propose to use for research and end with the advantages and limitations of the various techniques you intend to use.

  • A schedule to plan for your thesis

Provide an outline of the various sections of your thesis and the proposed timelines for completion of each stage. This time should account for both the research stage as well as the actual writing process.

  • The bibliography

You should provide a list of all the sources used within the thesis proposal, whereby it should be formatted as per the set guidelines of the writing style used for the rest of the paper such as Chicago, Harvard, APA and MLA

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